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Problems Based On Subtraction, Division And Squaring

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

TYPE 1: Instant Subtraction

Use the formula ALL FROM 9 AND THE LAST FROM 10 to perform instant subtractions.

Example 1: 1000 – 357 = 643

Step 1: Take each figure in 357 and subtract it from 9 and the last figure from 10.

1 0 0 0   –   3 5 7   =  6 4 3

(     9  –  3  = 6

9  –  4  = 5

10 –  7  = 3     )

So the answer is 1000 – 357 = 643

Example 2: 10,000 – 1049 = 8951

Step 1: Take each figure in 1049 and subtract it from 9 and the last figure from 10.

1 0 0 0 0   –   1 0 4 9   =  6 4 3

(     9  –  1  = 8

9  –  0  = 9

9  –  4  = 5

10  –  9  = 1  )

So the answer is 1000 – 357 = 643


Example 1: 752 = 5625

75 = 75 X 75

Step1: Multiply the first number 7, by the next preceding number, which is 8.

Thus, we have 7 X 8 = 56, which is the first part of the answer.

Step 2: The last part will be the square of 5, which is 25

Thus the answer for 752 is divided into 2 parts: 56 and 25 which when combined together gives 5625.


Example 1: 23 / 9

Step 1: The first figure of 23 is 2, thus the quotient is 2.

Step 2: The sum of the 2 digits 2 and 3 is 5, thus the remainder is 5.

Example 2: 43 / 9

Step 1: The first figure of 43 is 4, thus the quotient is 4.

Step 2: The sum of the 2 digits 4 and 3 is 7, thus the remainder is 7.

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Its Growing Popularity

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

A large number of people in the field of education, especially maths professors consider Vedic Maths to be a new and a better approach in studying and understanding Maths. Even students studying at the Indian Institute of Technology are said to be making use of this technique for quicker calculations. Several other institutes are also emphasizing the significance of Vedic Maths.



A few years ago several schools began to teach the Vedic system. The response received was so huge that this remarkable system is today in many schools and institutions in India as well as abroad. It is not only taught in schools but also to a lot of MBA and Economic students. There are obviously many benefits of making use of a flexible, distinguished and proficient mental system like Vedic math. Pupils can come out of the imprisonment of the ‘only one correct’ way, and make their own distinct methods under the Vedic system.

Ever since the year 1999, a forum which has been initiated in Delhi called International Research Foundation for Vedic Mathematics and Indian Heritage, , has arranged several lectures on Vedic maths in various schools and colleges in Delhi.



People like Aryabhatta, who laid the foundation of Algebra, Baudhayan, the great geometer and the saint duo, Medhatithi and Madhyatithi, who formulated the basic structure for numerals, have conducted large number of researches.

Several research programmes have currently been undertaken in many areas. These researches have been initiated in order to try and find the effects of learning Vedic maths on children, to develop more commanding and simple applications of the Vedic sutras in different fields such as geometry, calculus, and computing.

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Advantages Of Vedic Maths

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

We are living in the age of tredemdous amount of competitions and Vedic Mathematics methods come to us as a boon for all the competitions. Present maths,a scary subject  requires higher amount of effort in learning. Maths can be learnt and mastered with miminum efforts in a very short span of time and can be translated into a playful and a blissful subject with the help of Vedic Maths.

The several advantages of Vedic Maths are:

  • It reduces the burden of remembering large amount of stuff because it requires you to learn tables upto 9 only.
  • It enables faster calculations when compared to the conventional method. Thus, the time that gets saved in the process can be used to answer more questions
  • It acts as a tool for reducing finger counting and scratch work.
  • It plays an important role in increasing concentration as well as improving confidence.
  • It is very  simple, direct, totally unconventional, original and straight forward.
  • It encourages mental calculations.
  • It enriches our understanding of maths and enables us to see links and continuity between different branches of maths.
  • Vedic Maths system also gives us a set of checking procedures for independent crosschecking of whatever we do.
  • It keeps the mind alert and lively because of th element of choice and flexibility at each .
  • Holistic development of the human brain takes place through Vedic Mathematics along with multidimensional thinking.
  • Vedic Mathematics system to quite an extent also helps us in developing our spiritual part of personality.
  • It can introduce creativity in intelligent and smart students, while helping the slow-learners grasp the basic concepts of mathematics. More and more use of Vedic math can without any doubts generate interest in a subject that is generally dreaded by children.

Thus, Vedic maths is considered to be more than the blessing of the Veda for the entire humanity.

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